What’s really going on in your basement?

Wet basement? Cracks in your basement walls? Cracks in your basement floor? Mold? Smelly Basement? If so, what can you do about them? Take this test to find out…

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What do you see in your basement?

faq_how_water_gets_in• Do you see water seeping into your basement after a rain storm?
• Do any of your basement’s walls have water stains?
• Can you feel moisture on the walls, floor, or carpet?
• Can you see mold on any surface (basement or contents)?
• Do any of the walls have a white, powdery residue?
• Are there any cracks in the walls or floor?
• Do you notice musty smells?
• Is there flaking paint on painted concrete walls or floors?
• Is the concrete crumbling in areas of a wall?
• Does your basement feel more humid than the rest of the house?
All of these are problems, and the more of them you find, the bigger your wet basement problem. These problems mean that water is working to enter your basement through the walls or through the floor.


Every one of these problems is caused by one thing:  Water that is outside your foundation that is working its way into (and through) your walls or under the floor.


clay-bowl-pic-300x200Most people think that surface water is the problem.  In 99% of the cases we see, surface water issues are merely a supplement to the already bad underground water problem attacking their basement walls.

The real problem is that your house has been surrounded by a “moat” of groundwater since it was built.  And every drop of that water has been trying to get either into your basement or under it.  The result is that water has now found a way into your walls and under your floor.  So you are seeing one or more of the symptoms listed in our little test you just took.

Unless… you have made your basement IMMUNE to water damage.

How can you make your basement IMMUNE to water damage now and in the future?

There are only two ways to make sure you never again get water in your basement.  We want you to understand what those two ways are, because every day we see the results of all the bad systems that are being sold out there.

That’s why we wrote the book, “How to fix your basement to NEVER leak…guaranteed.”  And we want you to have a copy for FREE.

Why?  Because we know a smarter customer is much more likely to make a wiser decision.  That’s much better than losing thousands of dollars on a badly designed system that can’t possibly work to eliminate all the ways water can get in to damage your home and belongings.

Get your free copy by clicking on the button at the top of this page.  There’s no obligation.  In fact, we won’t even call you until you call us first.

We look forward to helping you solve your basement problems FOREVER… guaranteed.



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