Exterior Basement Waterproofing and Resealing

Seal your basement from the outside,
and never worry about a wet basement again!

Foundation issues and water damage has a negative impact on your home’s value. By some estimates, a house can lose 10-25% of its value due to water damage. This can be thousands of dollars out of your pocket because groundwater has entered your southeastern PA home’s basement.

Don’t come home to a wet basement. Seal your foundation with excavation and exterior waterproofing.

Benefits of Excavation and Resealing

Remove the threat of flooding and water damage from your home with an exterior waterproofing and resealing system from Access Basement Systems. By excavating and waterproofing your foundation from the outside, you can enjoy a permanent solution without disrupting your home’s interior. This method also allows for identifying and correcting structural problems with the foundation – problems that can be harder to identify and costly to repair from the inside.

Access Basement Systems can stop the decay process of your foundation, while also rejuvenating and renewing your home’s foundation. And our service helps retain the value of your home, stopping groundwater before it ever enters your home.

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Our Process

The excavation and exterior sealing process may seem complex, but at its core it is the best way to provide a waterproof seal around the exterior of your home’s foundation. Here’s how we do it:

Preparing for Outside Excavation

Before we start digging around your foundation, we reach out to the local utility companies to mark underground pipelines for gas, electric, water, and sewer. We’ll also obtain the necessary building permits and approvals as required in your local municipality.

basement exterior waterproofing survey
Prior to excavation, we will mark out underground obstacles and where we plan to dig.

Excavating Your Basement’s Exterior

Once we have the approvals and underground lines marked, we start with excavation. The goal is to remove enough soil to completely expose the foundation and footer. That way, we can identify and repair any structural problems before we start sealing the foundation.

The trench is dug in a stair step system, allowing workers to easily access the trench. All excavation – whether by equipment or by hand – is done by OSHA standards, keeping our workers and anyone else safe.

basement exterior waterproofing excavation work
Digging next to your foundation is a great opportunity to evaluate and repair any structural damage.

Sealing Your Basement from the Outside

Once any structural repairs are complete, we begin with the sealing process. After we clean off the foundation of any dirt and construction material, we apply several layers of waterproofing materials to create a thick membrane that cannot be penetrated by groundwater.

The first coat applied is of cement to fill in any surface level cracks and damage. Even if they are shallow cracks, we cover them to ensure a solid surface for bonding the rest of the waterproofing system.

The next coats to be applied is a parge coat and two coats of builder’s tar. Parging gives the walls more strength, while the tar seals the parge and bonds with the rubber top layer.

The final layer applied to your foundation’s walls is a rubber moisture barrier. A single piece of Firestone rubber (45 millimeters thick) goes around your entire foundation. The rubber is installed by Tapcon anchors at the top of the foundation, and attaches to the tar along the wall.

Applying coats of tar, parging, and rubber create a waterproof barrier for your home.

Installing an Exterior Water Management System

With this waterproofing complete, water cannot enter your basement. The final step is to give the groundwater a place to go away from your home, in order to relieve pressure on the walls.

To do this, we first install gravel and a drainage pipe at the bottom of the trench. Installed near the foundation’s footer, this water management system directs water away from your foundation. If your property has a natural slope, we can pipe the groundwater away from the home. Otherwise, we can install a sump pump to mechanically pump water from this drainage pipe and away from the house.

A few feet of gravel is placed above the drainage pipe, and then the entire trench is backfilled with dirt. And that’s it! Now you can enjoy your home without worrying about a flooded basement ever again!

After sealing, we install a drainage system to divert water away from your home.

How long does exterior waterproofing take?

This type of waterproofing is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and a timeframe can change based on the amount of structural damage, hidden obstacles, tree roots, and additional unknown variables. We tell customers to expect the project lasting 1-3 weeks. But it is well worth it, as you will never have water problems in your basement ever again!

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