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Do you have mold on your basement walls?

Dark areas on your basement walls or ceiling joists?  Musty smell?  These are signs of a moldy basement that can create serious problems for your family and your home.

Everyone knows mold is bad.  But how bad is it?

Mold is something you should not mess around with. Many molds cause serious health issues. And even touching it can cause problems for you, your children, and your pets.

You should not touch it, clean it, wipe it off, or brush it off.  Mold spores are released, when you disturb it. So don’t touch it until you know if it is one of the many really bad molds that can cause problems.

Sadly, humid or wet basements are like heaven to mold.  They love it.

So the best way to get rid of mold is to get rid of the moisture that is encouraging it to grow.


What you need to know about mold

Since mold requires moisture to thrive, its obvious that a wet basement is the perfect breeding ground for mold of any kind. Having a wet basement is gambling with mold.

There are over 400,000 different molds that we know of.  Most of them love to grow in wet or damp basements.  Generally the color of mold is a good identifier.  Black mold, brown mold, green mold, red molds are some of the colors to really pay attention to. They are not always a bad mold, but those are the colors of the ones most dangerous to your health.

Most of the time when people see mold in their basements, they fall back on the trusty “scrub it with bleach” method that they probably learned from their grandmothers or mothers.  Studies show that bleach does not kill the root system of mold.  Also, by scrubbing on mold, you are releasing spores into the air that you are breathing. If you really want to get sick from mold, try to clean it yourself.

We have years of experience in dealing with mold issues.

We have certified and licensed teams who can help you remediate mold.

But no competent mold remediation team will address that problem until they know the cause of that mold is resolved. That means removing the moisture source that caused the problem. That’s where basement waterproofing comes in.

Give us a call today.  We are happy to help you figure out how to best resolve both the mold problem and the moisture problem that caused it.


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