White chalky Efflorescence on basement walls!

“EEEEk!  What’s that stuff on my walls?”

Yes, it looks really scary. Yes, it looks a lot like some alien mold growing on your basement walls. But it’s really quite tame. However, it is a sign that something bad is happening inside your walls.


It’s called “efflorescence.” And it’s just a sign that your walls are being destroyed by acidic water in your walls.


At some point or another, everyone will see white chalky or fuzzy looking growth on their concrete basement walls. It’s the result of a chemical reaction that happens when acidic ground water gets inside your concrete blocks and reacts with the alkaline lime in the concrete to create a salt.

Efflorescence can look like caked on laundry detergent or snow or shiny fiberglass fuzz. Efflorescence is a crystal or lime salt. It is one of the easiest signs to read in determining a basement or foundation moisture problem.

See it on your walls, and you know you have ground water inside your walls.


The real danger for your foundation is that the chemical process that makes efflorescence also breaks down the lime in your concrete, which is the “glue” that holds your foundation together.

Concrete is made up of sand, gravel and lime (glue). The efflorescent process is breaking down the glue or lime in the concrete. Then all you’ll have left is the sand and gravel. And that’s not a good condition for your foundation to have, when it’s trying to hold your home up.

We know exactly how to stop this problem dead in its tracks.

Don’t wait until your concrete blocks have deteriorated to the point that they collapse.

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